Did you know that no soil lacks the minerals and nutrients needed for your plants to thrive?

And did you also know that healthy plants can become completely resistant to diseases and pests?

You’ve Heard By Now

We are losing 2 billion tons too much soil per year

Our food has lost 50% of its nutrition

Our water has too much pollution
and its cycling is broken

Our air has too much heat trapping gasses 

-Soil Summit 2021

The Good News!

You and the life in the soil can help fix this
by bringing it all back into balance! 

As well as be a more profitable farmer.

Using Soil Food Web Practices

Using SFW practices moves you in the direction for a resilient livelihood as a farmer, rancher or restorationist. 

Choose to support a resilient ecosystem

Choose to support a resilient ecosystem now because herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers only perpetuate the droughts, floods and fires. 

Balance your SOIL’s ECOSYSTEM

Get out of the inorganic chemical applications paradigm, work for the soil and let the soil work for you.

The first step is booking a biological assessment to take action towards the building of soil fertility.

Soil Terroir Services

Biological Assessments are essential in order to know the functioning life that exists in your soil to know how to manage the growth of your plants.  Think deeper roots in a loam behaving soil! 

Why get a Biological Soil Analysis like this?

By getting the aerobic micro-organisms up in numbers and diversity first, according to the plants you want to grow, it allows chemical processes to follow accordingly.

The benefits of this analysis will show what your soil needs are for:

  • Nutrient Cycling
  • The Formation of Soil Structure
  • Weed Suppression
  • Inhibiting Pest and Diseases
  • Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Methane Sequestration

In turn you will have higher yields, reduced irrigation, no chemical applications and protection for the pollinators. 

It is a whole systems approach for the whole system to work!

Working with Soil Terroir will give you
a faster turnaround time for soil sampling results
and cost less than the much larger biological companies. 

We can also give you a personal experience
and be there for you.

Learn More About The Soil Food Web:

Dr. Elaine’s Soil Food Web School

SFW’s library of short animation clips sum up all of the terrific lectures, scientific studies, methods and techniques they have studied meticulously and are putting into practice!

The Sierra Soil Biology Association

SSBA’s Mission is to promote knowledge and development of the soil food web – that complete spectrum of microscopic life that moves nutrients through soil as nature intended.

We have come to know that when the soil is destroyed so is a civilization. 

Our responsibility is to reciprocate its offerings so we can transcend our limitless creativity and experience.